Below you'll find a list of services offered by WeatherHop.


Receive notification via phone, text, email, or social network. Notifications are customizable by warning type in addition to location. You can set up a voice notification for tornado warnings, text notifications for flooding, and email notificaton for winter weather warnings. It's easy to configure however you want.

Detailed Location

Only receive notification if your location is in the actual warning, not just the county of the warning as some other services do. This makes it easier to take a warning seriously since the chance of it actually affecting you is greater.

With the Pro plan you also have the ability to add up to 3 locations. If you have an elderly parent or grandparent, you can add their location so they receive a phone call when they are in a dangerous situation.


For advanced users, receive an HTTP post directly to your website when a warning is issued for your location. This allows you to fire a trigger in your infrastructure when a warning is issued for your facility.

A few example uses of Weather Postâ„¢ are listed below:

  • News outlets can recieve the post and automatically push warnings to their subscribers.
  • Data centers could use the post to trigger backup generators to start in case of a power failure.
  • Retail outlets could trigger emergency precautions at a location that was in a targeted area.

Warning Tracking

We plot your location on a map with the warning overlaid so you can better assess the threat. Detailed information from the NWS is available in an easy to decipher format for each warning.